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Alexandre Carvalho Moreira, better known as djalexmoreira, is a Canadian-based DJ and Music Producer. A remarkable entertainer, he is highly talented with equal measures of performance art, innovativeness and grit. 
Djalexmoreira’s inherent passion for music and consistency in creating unforgettable experiences has solidified him as a widely sought after DJ. An LatinHouse TechHouse DJ, his audiences enjoy dancing to his vibrant mixes of House ,Latin house ,TechHouse & EDM music. 
Born on 22nd November, 1991 in Québec, Canada, djalexmoreira has been a Club and festival DJ and Producer since 2008. He leverages social media platforms to connect with his fan base and share his music mixes.  He has enjoyed an upward trajectory and enhanced exposure, achieving more than 50 million streams on YouTube and amassing more than 225k subscribers on YouTube. He has traversed the world Djiing in more than 150 clubs globally. 
Djalexmoreira loves sharing his music with his local and global audience. He gets fulfillment from seeing the crowd happy and enjoying a memorable night. Currently working on an upcoming album, he intends to churn more music that resonates with his audience. Djalexmoreira is eager to surpass expectations at each performance.



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